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Up Your Phone Photography Game

Updated: May 20, 2022

I've just joined the Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce (I know! Get me going all fancy pants). Anyway, I wrote a blog for their website about using smartphone photography to create super special business imagery, and thought I would share it here too.

" Everyone's a photographer these days...." something I occasionally see on photography forums, usually I imagine, accompanied by a tut and a roll of the eyes. It's often in response to someone feeling that they don't get as much work as they used to now that we all have ready access to a camera in our pockets.

I disagree with the 'eye-rollers'. It's ace that we all have the technology to capture important moments or create visual content for our business quickly and easily.

Photography is fantastic (although I am biased), and why should it be the domain of only those with big fancy cameras? I also trust that most people know that there are occasions that call for a professional photographer.

But all that said, do you wish your photos could pack a bit more 'visual punch'? There are tons of reasons why this is a great idea, not least to help tell your stories and build trust with your audience. Hopefully through this, they will find out that you offer what they need! Great photos can help accelerate this process.

Maybe you...

1) ... get frustrated trying to get a good shot of your latest product but the light's all wrong

2) ... find that a picture of a colleague at a conference doesn't tell the story you want to convey

3) ... get annoyed that your super cute dog ends up a blurry mess because he just won't stay still!

What the heck.... here are a few quick tips, absolutely free (don't say I never give you anything):

1) If your product is small, move it towards a window (as long as the background remains fitting for the story). Maybe you can move outside? Watch out for bright sunshine though as it can create harsh shadows. Think about what sort of 'look' you want to create too. Could you use a lamp to create more dramatic lighting?

2) Make sure your colleague is the star of the image. You can ask them to move in front of a simpler background, or you could get closer to them so that it's more obvious they are the subject. What else would help to tell the story of where you are and what you're doing? But remember that good lighting is one of the most important things for any image.

3) Use burst mode to capture moving subjects. Every phone has a slightly different way of enabling the burst function, so search online to reveal your camera's instructions.

If you'd like more tips and tricks, I provide bucket loads on my smartphone photography workshops.

I can also come into your place of work and create a bespoke workshop based on your needs or as a fantastic team-building session or course.

Here what some lovely people said about my workshops:

” Really interesting and good fun. I never knew there was so much you could do at the touch of a button.”

” Absolutely eye-opening! I didn’t know what I didn’t know! This is a great course for anyone who uses a smartphone. I didn’t know my mobile camera did so much!”

” Thank you Ginny for a concise and clearly explained course. I would definitely be interested in attending more courses.”

I am also planning some collaborations with other local businesses to provide workshops together, so you can learn even more new skills in one jam-packed session. I'll keep you updated with those. You can also join my mailing list to make sure you don't miss out of any workshop news

More free stuff...

If you want to join my free photo challenges throughout April, join my Guild group (it's free to join the platform too). I'll be posting a new video every two days and I encourage people to share their photos with each other. And if you enjoy the challenges, please do donate to the Ukraine appeal

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