About Me

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You are probably visiting my website because I am a photographer. I offer family, business and creative portrait photography services. I'm guessing you know that by now.

But here are 10 other things you might be interested to know about me:

1. I adore house music. In fact I love it so much that I became a DJ for a while. 

2. When I left school, I went straight to Uni to study Occupational Therapy and worked in mental health services for 14 years before deciding to take the plunge and start my own business.

3. My favourite places in the world are Ibiza, Florence and the Lake District.

4. My very first job was in a butcher's shop

...but these days I don't eat meat. (PS - the two aren't connected - I loved working there.) 

5. I met my husband at 16 when we were both still at school

...but I love watching dating shows.

6. I love yoga

...but often feel guilty about how little I actually do.

7.  Art was my favourite subject at school.

8. I'm a mum to a gorgeous, funny, quirky daughter and a beautiful, lively son. 

9. My two biggest claims to fame are meeting Stephen Hawking, and winning an art competition on the childrens TV programme 'Rainbow' and having my art work introduced by Zippy.

10. As well as being a photographer, I also help to run the 'Roots & Shoots Club' a course for women in the early stages of setting up their businesses. It's such a privilege to be involved in their journeys to self-employment. Find out more. 

Guest Blogs

1. If you'd like to know a bit more about my business journey, I wrote a blog for Sass Tomlinson.

2. The Growing Club asked me to write something for their 'Graduate Stories' feature.

3. And here's an interview I did with pupils at OLCC (my old high school), and one for The Folded Zine

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