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Family Photography


Being a parent is amazing....and challenging and overwhelming....but so joyful and fun too. You get to be a kid again, making boats out of cardboard boxes, playing princesses and burying each other in the sand on holiday. I mean that's pretty ace, right? But these are on the days that you have time to play. You don't always. Life gets pretty busy. 

You try to capture these valuable family times on your phone cam, snapping quickly before you rejoin the fun. But then you're not in the photos. Rubbish. 

Every now and again you think about booking a photo shoot so you can get some beautiful photos of the whole family, but then think about what an almighty faff that sounds. Worse, what if you don't get along with the photographer? What if he or she makes you pose in a forced and super awkward way? You dismiss the idea and it stays on your 'to do' list. 

I don't like using the words 'photo shoot' to describe what I provide for families. A 'shoot' feels formal and staged, something separate to normal life. My photo sessions are designed to fit in with you. When you book a session, you invite me to be a part of your normal family life, just for a short while. I aim to capture you, as a family, just as you are. It's so special to have a document of life as it is right now. 

I join you at a place you love and be there whilst you do the activities you enjoy. I take lots of photos but you quickly forget that's why I am there. My families always comment how quickly they feel relaxed. 

After our time together, you receive a variety of colourful, characterful and fun images to choose from. You receive edited digital versions of your chosen photos. Put them on the wall, add them to a photo book, but just promise me that you will look at them regularly and chat about them. Looking at photos is such an amazing way to connect (and re-connect) with each other.  

Here's more about how I'd encourage you to view a family photo session. 

See some family photo examples.

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The 'Hand-Picked' Package


This is ideal if you would love to personally select your images. Or perhaps you would like a few key photographs as gifts or to display on your wall.

This option includes 

  • A pre-shoot chat so I can find out what you'd like and you can ask questions, usually over the phone

  • The shoot: Up to 60 minutes at a location of your choice (I usually suggest somewhere meaningful to you and your family)

  • An online gallery of your images, so you can make your selection in your own time

  • Your first 3 digital images. These are provided as edited high resolution and web quality photos, via a downloadable gallery​

  • A beautiful A4 mounted print of one of your chosen images. Scroll down to view a video of me explaining the prints I offer (which make amazing gifts too). 


£65 payable on booking to secure your slot

You may decide that 3 images is all you need, but additional images can be purchased for £10 each 

The 'Family Life' Package 

You may simply prefer to me to come along and capture family life for up to 90 minutes. I take lots of gorgeous photos of you and your family having fun together, select and edit the best and send these to you. This means that after the shoot, you can simply relax and await your fully edited images' arrival. 


Please note: If you are planning an extended family shoot (ie. inviting members of your wider family) I would recommended opting for this package as it will provide the extra time you need for me to capture a wide range of images. It also means that you don't have to find time as a family to sit down together and select your favourites, as you leave that bit to me. 

This packages includes;

  • A pre-shoot chat to find our more about you and your family and the activities you might like me to capture. Many families opt for a mix of group photos and relaxed documentary style images. This is a great time for you to ask questions too.

  • The photo session (up to 90 minutes) at a location of your choice. You may like me to come to your home or meet you out and about at a place that's special to you and your family.

  • After the shoot, you can sit back and leave the rest to me. I will sort through the images and choose a great selection of all the best images and edit these for you. But don't worry, I won't leave out any images that I think you will love. 

  • You receive digital images in both web quality and high resolution versions via a downloadable gallery

£285 includes the session and the best images from the photo session (a minimum of 30).

£100 payable on booking to secure the session

Additional time can be booked at a rate of £120 per hour. We agree beforehand, how much time is required based on the variety of images we intend to create.

See more examples of my family portraits.

Please find Terms & Conditions below, including cancellation information.

If you're not quite ready to book, you can sign up to my monthly newsletter and stay in touch. 

 An introduction to my prints:

Here's a link to Bay Framing (the fantastic framers in Morecambe, that I mention in the video).


Print prices: 

A4 mounted (mounted size 14 x 11") - £15

A3 mounted (mounted size 16 x 20") - £22

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