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Something Good

After these challenging 16 months, a photo session with Melanie from Ethel & Em was the tonic I needed. Clients like Melanie make me super glad I started my business because shoots like these just don't feel like work at all! I have worked with Melanie before so I knew this'd be another fun experience.

Melanie approached me for a business branding photo session as she wanted to create a variety of images that could be used across a range of print and digital media, including an upcoming magazine feature.

Her beautiful shop, found on New Street in Lancaster, stocks everything any discerning knitter or crocheter could desire. I knew there would be plenty of different images to create from the best yarns (Melanie pointed out the most photogenic ones), to different aspects of her daily routine.

We chatted prior to the shoot to create a list of possible photos, and also give Melanie the chance to prepare with different outfit options and props.

I made sure to capture the outside of the premises too as shop owners particularly treasure these images if they move location. Somehow these outdoor images capture something of the pride of the shop owner and a recognition of their business achievements. That's what I see at least.

And I always love a good window shot...

It was a collaborative process throughout and Melanie brought loads of energy to the shoot, as she always does.

Melanie received over 60 very different images following the shoot. She will be able to use these within blogs, social media posts, on her website and in articles.

Melanie also demonstrated her excellent DJing skills as she'd curated a playlist perfect for the shoot, combining her taste in music and my own. She did an excellent job and we even ended up with a mini-music video*.

(*Disclaimer - you will not be made to make mini-music videos if you book a branding shoot with me, promise).

PS - Did you spot the reason for the blog title? 'Something Good' is the Utah Saints track featured in the vid.

If you're considering a business branding photo session for your own small business, please have a look at my info page and contact me for a chat.

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