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Top Tips for Your Business Shoot (Shared by the People in the Know)

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This week, I posted on Linked In and Instagram asking for some help to write this blog.

I asked people who'd had a business branding or headshot shoot with me, to give me their top tip for people who are preparing for their own.

Some great tips came through, probably better ones than I could have come up with as they're from the other side of the lens.


Always have a plan for the photoshoot. Before the photoshoot create a plan of ideas and the shots that you would like, for example working at a desk. Request for numerous photos to be taken in each place and then it will give the person / people in the photos options to choose from. This will help people to relax, knowing that they will have options and not stuck with a photo of themselves they don’t like. Eventus Recruitment Group

I am not a good photo taker and so I arrive with a crap mindset. Don't be afraid to ask the photographer about anything you're not sure about in your pre-shoot chat, so you're as prepared as you can be going into the shoot. Another helpful planning tip is to find examples of photos you like, perhaps ones that the photographer has taken of other people, so that they can get an idea of the style you're after. All this will ensure you make the most of the time you have with Ginny and get the shots you want to capture in the best way possible. Helen Tebay - The Sales Lady

Think about what you want your pictures to say to your clients - do you want them to see you looking approachable, or action shots with you doing whatever it is that you do? Is there a particular 'image' about your business that you are trying to get across and keep it real - if you're a plumber wear your work gear not a suit!

And relax - Ginny is the best at making you feel at ease so although it feels like a bit of weird and unnatural thing to do she is so good you almost won't realise you're being photographed (and yes I know that sounds odd but it's true!)


My tips would be to avoid having small children around (!!) and not to overthink it, just trust the photographer to get it right.

It’s actually nerve wracking and I think my top tip is to try and relax into it and forget the photographer is there. I found it easier to be captured naturally chatting etc than posing. Also avoid the sun! Nothing worse than squinty pics haha Hayley Skinner, The Mortgage Partners

As you know, I intensely dislike being photographed (I'm even worse with video!). Perhaps that is the tip. In life to make progress we have to push beyond our comfort zone and overcome our fears.


Wear what you're comfy wearing. If you're not comfortable, it will come across. Just be who you are! I've had so many compliments from my pics - mostly ones of me and my dogs and people saying it made their hearts happy (how lovely is that!) because my joy of being with my dogs just comes through! Don't hide your quirks - they're what make you stand out from everyone else in your field!

Don’t try to be ‘like’ anyone else.


I'd probably say as much as possible, try and utilise the energy in the room. So if you're in a group, try and get some noise and activity going on so it doesn't feel so nerve wracking. You'd probably get more natural shots too, especially if you are naturally in a good mood, enjoying time with your team.

Wear what you wear everyday, be yourself and have fun! The best photos are captured when you are simply being you.

If you're thinking about how professional photography might help your own business, please get in touch for a chat.

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