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In my work as a photographer, I aim to create positive experiences for myself, other people, and our planet.

My choice of projects (whether personal or participatory) and photo shoots reflect this, working with others who share these values.


Photo shoots and projects alike, should be shaped by all those involved, including myself.


Creating a sense of trust and safety is vital to any successful project or photo shoot. This can develop through…


  • Conversations, clear communication, and care


I believe that good conversations involve listening, showing care, and reflecting. They encourage participatory projects to evolve in a meaningful way for all taking part. I seek to understand people’s personal reasons for joining a project or booking a shoot, and their hopes for being involved. I inform those I work with on participatory projects, about the intentions, parameters, and opportunities.

During photo shoots, if someone expresses unease in having their photo taken, I will stop and give them time to express this so we can develop a plan. I understand that children may not be able to share their discomfort verbally, and that their behaviour is often the biggest indicator. I will take care to notice and respond to their feelings. 

Time is a valuable resource. It encourages the development of relationships and the sharing of ideas. Time scales will always be explained and reviewed. However, flexibility is often needed where changes occur.

I also take care of myself, knowing that this will allow me to better respond to the needs of others.



  • Consent


I understand the importance of gaining consent from those featured in photos, and permission to share the work created by people taking part in participatory projects. I always explain the purpose of photos and where these may be shared. Written consent is preferable and can be withdrawn at any time. However, withdrawal of consent will only apply to images I still have access to. An image online can be removed, but if it was used in a printed leaflet or featuring in an exhibition, I may be unable to take action. That said each situation is unique and I will always ensure that we talk through any request to remove images and the reasons for this, and aim to agree a mutually beneficial plan. 

It is more challenging to gain consent during event photography commissions. I aim to notify attendees that photography is taking place with an invitation to speak to me if they’d rather not feature. If shooting close-up portraits of children, I will seek to gain consent from their adults, and the child if old enough to understand. I will also never knowingly take or share photos of anyone in a vulnerable or potentially embarrassing position.


* A practice focused on equity, diversity and inclusion

I take steps to work in an equitable and inclusive way and consider whether projects are as diverse as they can be.  

I aim to create welcoming spaces. I consider the language I use when referring to others, seeking information where there are gaps in my knowledge. I will ensure that each person is able to take part fully in sessions and shoots, making collaborative changes where possible. I will remain curious and ask questions, rather than make assumptions.

For participatory projects, we will agree as a group how to respect each other throughout the process via an agreement at the start.




This statement is a working and evolving document, which may change as I continue to reflect on the projects and photography commissions I undertake.

Last updated: April 2024

Statement of Ethics

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