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I love using my smartphone camera when I'm out and about! It's so handy and allows me to be creative on the go. I also love teaching those skills to others. Many adults don't feel that they are 'creative', often due to the connection with being 'artistic'. But I believe that EVERYONE is creative and that phone photography is an accessible and easy way to reconnect with that part of ourselves. On top of that, it can be great for our mental health (something I feel equally passionate about!). At the end of my workshops you be able to take way better photos, perhaps to create clever and visually striking content for your business, or photos of your family and pets.

I run my own smartphone photography workshops, but can also run a bespoke workshops or courses for you and your team at your workplace or online? 

Lockdown back in March 2020, sparked an idea for a new project too. I have developed a mood-boosting smartphone photography course called 'The Gratitude Gallery'. This course of 4 sessions for up to 10 people (over a month), is ideal for organisations and companies wishing to support the mental health of their employees or clients. Here is more information and photos from the current Gratitude Galleries.

Contact me for a chat if any of this sounds interesting!

1:1 tuition

I offer photography tuition for beginner photographers.

If you have a DSLR camera or are thinking of investing but would like to help to develop your technical and creative photography skills, 1:1 sessions may be just what you're after.  I can also help you to get to grips with your smartphone camera. Sessions are relaxed, informal and practical. 


1:1 Sessions are £30 per hour and tailored to your level of skills and interests. We chat about what you would like from the tutorials and I build a package to suit your needs. 

Providing the coronavirus guidelines allow, I am happy to meet for tutorials outdoors but if you would prefer an online session, I charge £22 per hour (further discounts available per person for a group session online).

Here are some lovely words from one of my recent students:

1. What did you learn / gain from the tutorials?

I have gained many new skills whilst being taught by Ginny; the ability to now use my camera on manual means that I am now in control and can take photos that I want to take instead of my camera always being on auto. Now knowing ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed has allowed me to experiment with light and different angles - which has given me a new style that I definitely want to explore. As well, I have gained the confidence, with the help of Ginny, to explore further aspects of photography; such as self-portraits, editing in Adobe Lightroom and going out in public to take photos. 

2. How did the sessions help you to learn? Which activities / ways of learning were most helpful?

I really found Ginny's style of teaching very helpful, a majority of our lessons were very much practical which I found extremely useful as I'm a visual learner. We went to different environments that challenged both of us and had fun tasks to complete using a set of cards with descriptions of what to take. This really helped develop my photography eye and comparing photos at the end of the session meant that we were able to constructively critique each others photos.


3. What could be improved about the sessions? Any suggestions?

I absolutely enjoyed these lessons with Ginny, she is an amazing teacher and an extremely talented photographer. Since these lessons were very short noticed, she was able to quickly build a timetable compacted with key and necessary lessons for me. She made me extremely comfortable and was very adaptable with my needs.  


4. Did the sessions meet your personal photography goals?       

These sessions have given me the ability and confidence to pursue my photography interests further, I feel like I'm able to navigate through my camera's settings and really challenge myself to take photos from a different perspective. Throughout these lessons, I have grown in myself and it has given me a passion for photography that will last a lifetime. 


5. Would you recommend the sessions to a friend / family member?


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