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I work with ambitious small business owners to create contemporary images that clearly communicate your values and personality and in turn, grow your business. I focus on capturing the 'human' aspect of business photography; you, your team and your clients. 

But why create professional photographs for your business?

  • Clients work with us and customers buy from us for three key reasons; they trust us, they feel safe and they think we're credible. Photos can help with all these things!

  • It sounds like an obvious one, but it shows our clients what we look like. This is especially important for service-based businesses, but even if you don't have direct contact with your customers, showing your face can really help as people buy from people. 

  • Photos can bring your business' story alive! Stories are powerful. We humans are wired to respond to them as they help us to relate to each other. 

  • Professional photos are high quality so just look better. Social platforms compress the images which leads to a slight los sof quality, so making sure they looks great to begin with means it won't be as noticeable. 

  • It shows that you're serious about your business. I mean you know you are, but if you have great photos on your socials and website, your clients can be more confident of that too. 

  • Also if you go for the branding package, you'll have loads of photos to choose from in the months to come, meaning you won't have to scrabble around for stock images (which let's face it, aren't bespoke for your business anyway). 

'Ikigai' is a fabulous Japanese word that means essentially, 'the things that make us tick'. I aim for authentic images, which convey as much as possible about you and your business; your interests, personality and 'ikigai'. Each of us is unique and this is what I enjoy capturing.  These images will offer your customers a greater insight into your business and your personality, passions and drivers. 

I offer bespoke business photography packages. I meet with you first, to discuss your specific needs and to agree the aspects of your work that you would like represented. We may agree that I visit you at work over several sessions, meetings and appointments. We will also discuss your business and brand and how we can best convey your values, passions and interests through your pictures. 

Have a read of my blog about my branding session with Melanie from Ethel & Em in Lancaster, to give you a flavour of the process. 

When booking, please allow up to 3 weeks for your final edited images to reach you. The post-processing bit can take some time. Thanks.


Packages & Prices 

The 'Essentials' Package

Ideal if you need a few key images that will form the cornerstone of your business imagery eg. updated headshots. 


This option includes 

  • A pre-shoot consultation so I can find out what you need and you can ask questions, usually over the phone

  • The shoot: Up to 60 minutes  at a location of your choice, with an outfit change if desired

  • An online gallery of your images, so you can make your selection in your own time

  • Your first 5 digital images. These are provided as edited high resolution and web quality photos, via a downloadable gallery

  • You may decide that 5 images is all you need, but additional images can be purchased for £10 each 

Read writer Laura Feinberg's blog, in which she describes her shoot experience beautifully. 


£70 payable on booking to secure your slot

Business Branding Package for Small Businesses 


You may prefer to arrange a half-day Business Branding Shoot. You receive all the best images from the shoot, meaning you have a whole stock to use across all your online platforms and printed media in the months to come. 

What sort of activities represent your business? Could you show your clients behind-the-scenes of your business? Do you need headshots? Let's create a whole range of impactful images for you to share. 

This packages includes;

  • Your pre-shoot consultation, usually via a phone call. I can find out more about your business and what you need, and you can ask me any questions you may have. 

  • The 2-3 hour photo sessionThe time allows for two locations in the same geographical area eg. indoor and outdoor, or two work bases. For individuals, this time allows of an outfit change.

  • All the best images from the shoot (at least 50). You can simply sit back and leave the choosing bit to me. I will ensure that you receive a varied selection of images, giving you as much scope as possible to use these across your marketing platforms. 

  • Your edited digital images as both web quality and high resolution versions via a downloadable gallery

There are two prices depending on the size of your business:

£370  for 1-3 people 

£460 for 4+ people

£150 payable on booking to secure your slot

The shooting time is the same in both cases, but for the larger teams there are a higher number of images to sort and more headshots to edit, and this prices covers this time. 

Additional time can be booked at a rate of £120 per hour. We agree beforehand, how much time is required based on the variety of images we intend to create eg. different activities, locations and outfits. Or alternatively, I can offer a discounted rate if you choose to book two or more half-day sessions. This is often helpful for teams of 10+. 

Find out more about the process of gaining the perfect photos to represent your and your business, and see more examples of my headshot and personal branding work​

If you're not quite ready to book, you can sign up to my monthly newsletter and stay in touch. 

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