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How To Take Headshots During Lockdown...

When Mark (MD at User Conversion) emailed me to ask if I had any creative ideas for getting headshots of their new starters during lockdown, I knew exactly what to suggest.

I'd seen several portrait photographers taking photos via FaceTime and other video call apps, mostly as a fun personal project during the first lockdown. I knew that Mark would be open to this idea so messaged straight back. As I thought, he told me to 'go for it'. So I did.

I was given the details of four staff members needing headshots and I contacted them to arrange appointments over the next fortnight. It involved communication and team-work of the highest order, to ensure that the lighting was right, the background were simple and clean, and that the position of the camera worked to get the shots we needed!

We had a few mishaps - lost connection, dropped iPads and apps not playing ball - but we did it in the end. In addition it took me far longer than I care to admit, to realise that Jonathan wasn't in Manchester as I'd assumed, but in fact in Barcelona!

The results are pretty good - even if I do say so myself. You can't enlarge these headshots to any huge scale due to the quality image compared to a 'real-life' shoot, but the creativity and resourceful that they represent, more than make up for that I reckon.

Well done User Conversion for thinking outside the photography box and for pushing me to do the same.

I am continuing to offer 'real-life' headshots during the pandemic to those in North Lancashire so please do let me know if you'd like to book yours, or would like to discuss headshots or a bespoke commercial branding shoot for 2021.

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