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" If I can become a DJ, anyone can do anything!"


Photo Credit: Alex Carrington

It'd sound pretty boastful if I'd have written that title myself, but Suzy Carrington wrote it, so thankfully I can use it without fear of being branded a big-head :)

She also wrote the following as an intro to a 'Fuelling the Bold' Podcast Episode we recorded together recently.

I was so in the moment whilst chatting with Suzy and Alex about DJing, photography and living in Morecambe Bay, that I had to listen back to this podcast to find out what I’d said!

I am relieved to report that it’s all pretty coherent! There are even some useful bits of advice for those wanting to start a creative career.

The episode is 23 minutes long… perfect coffee break length. Just make sure it’s a Carringtons Coffee Co. *

* This post includes product placement. An excellent product too. Go try some at your earliest opportunity!

Suzy writes...

Ginny Koppenhol, a vibrant and gifted individual, has proven that a creative passion can evolve into a rewarding career. Her journey, which is marked by curiosity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, offers invaluable insights for those wishing to follow a similar path.

Having ventured into the realms of photography and DJing, Koppenhol's journey is a testament to her passion for artistry and self-expression. As an explorer of creative fields, she has a unique perspective on carving out a career path in an unconventional terrain.

One of the many profound lessons that arise from her journey is her belief in the power of connection and learning from others. She said, "I guess it's speaking to people again as early as you can. I think even if it's to not look for opportunities necessarily, but just learn from other people."

With the vast array of online resources available today, Koppenhol is an avid advocate for lifelong learning and using the internet as a tool for personal and professional development. "Just learning as much as you can using online resources. We've got so many now," she urges.

Koppenhol’s emphasis on practical creativity and entrepreneurial spirit rings clear. She understands the value of offering something unique and special. Once you've honed your craft and have something to offer, she advises, "just go for it, offer it, do what you can with what you've got and start from there."

Interestingly, Koppenhol diverges from the popular mantra of strict goal-setting. Instead, she endorses the cultivation of a clear vision paired with daily habits that move one towards that vision.

She explains, "I like to have a vision and one of the best books I can recommend is Atomic habits by James Clear and more about incorporating daily things that it's going to move the needle towards what I want to do."

Koppenhol also believes that not setting too rigid goals leaves room for flexibility, enabling you to take opportunities that might not align directly with your predetermined plan.

She concludes, "If you've got that vision, you know where you want to be, you can ask yourself every time, every day, am I doing things that are aligning with that vision? And I think naturally, and also if you don't set too hard and fast goals, you can allow yourself to meander a little bit and take opportunities that you didn't anticipate."

Koppenhol’s unique approach to career development and personal growth, infused with genuine curiosity and a love for learning, offers a refreshing perspective. In a world fixated on definitive goals and linear trajectories, her words inspire us to embrace a flexible mindset, fostering creativity and personal discovery.

Ginny Koppenhol is indeed a beacon of inspiration for anyone pursuing a passion in the creative world.

Click on the image below to access the podcast. Enjoy!

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