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An Epic Day at The Rewilding

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Saturday saw my first face-to-face 'How to Take Epic Photos Using Your Smartphone' workshop for 18 months.

I was a bit nervous.

Would I remember everything?

Would I time it all correctly?

Would the venue work out? (It was the first time I had booked The Rewilding at Cockerham in North Lancashire).

I needn't have worried about any of it!

It helped that I had a thoroughly amazing group of women attend the workshop. Everyone was so wonderful, warm and (going off the feedback afterwards) grateful to be out of the house, chatting with new people, and learning something new and creative!

It didn't take long to get into my stride and it all felt familiar again very quickly. I taught lots of practical photography skills first, using the gorgeous and quirky decor and decorations in the indoor space as our photo subjects. I adore the rustic, beautiful and calming vibe of The Rewilding, one of the main things that attracted me to it as a venue. It has bags of character, making it ideal for a creative workshop like this.

We then moved onto editing, using one of my favourite and free editing apps. I love to see the look on peoples faces as they play with their photos, see the transformation unfold and begin to consider all the possibilities for their future phone photographs.

The scrumptious homemade lunch of veggie chilli (and later a snack of home-baked fruity traybake) is worth a special mention. Michelle and her mum are very talented and it provided much needed fuel for the rest of the afternoon's activities. We all felt well looked after.

The outdoor space at The Rewilding is just as fantastic as the indoor. Despite a chill to the breeze, we explored outside and I introduced some creative techniques. We even had an additional interesting subject to shoot - the parachutists taking off and landing from the adjacent field!

As well as learning lots about photography, we enjoyed time together - much needed after the year we've experienced. So many of the women commented on what a treat the day was. Time out to create and relax, away from the day-to-day. In fact I will leave three of the participants to sum up....

" The day was absolutely perfect in every way and has encouraged me to take my photography further! Thank you Ginny I have loved it!"


" Nothing could have been better, it was brilliant and the venue was awesome. Ginny you were great and really helpful!"


" Thanks for the workshop yesterday! It was such a treat to come to, and I’ve come away with lots of great tips and excitement."


Please get in touch if you'd like to book a place on the next course on Thurs 30th September:

PS - The above photo is me and the very good sport, Gabi, demonstrating how to capture movement. I promise not to make you jump off walls. Unless you want to of course!

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