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Analogue It!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

By two weeks into lockdown, I was feeling 'Zoomed out', but also pretty creative.

I found myself wanting to reach out to other artists to see if we could still collaborate in some physical or 'analogue' way, despite our enforced distance.

I decided to invite local artists to choose an image of mine they were drawn to and then create a brand new piece of art with it.

Each time someone selected an image, I would print it out, package it up and stand in the (very long) Post Office queue to send it to them. I really enjoyed this process. I was connecting with someone else, and not always people I already knew.

It was simply a way to collaborate at a time when we couldn’t meet in real life.

I just asked one more thing of the artists, that all the works were a response to the pandemic in some way.

The resulting collection is truly awesome - such a variety. I was so privileged to be the only person to see the art works as they came back.

Most of the artists didn't post their pieces to social media, preferring to wait until we could have an exhibition 'in real-life'.

It's now 16 months later and we've made it! The Analogue It! Exhibition is here...

The exhibition is now hanging at The Dukes Theatre, in their gallery space (thanks to the efforts of fellow artists Rosie Tacon-Glass and Nik Ingham, who contributed their talents and time to help me hang the pieces).

Top secret. Strictly in-person viewing only. Repeat: this is NOT a digital exhibition ;)

Pop in during Box Office hours or if you're there to see a show or film, take a look.

I am sure you're gonna love it.

PS - Most of the pieces are for sale too and would make the perfect Christmas gifts or something to own for posterity, following these very unusual times.

Full list of contributing artists:

Lucas Baldwin

Isla Koppenhol

Chang Niewiadomski (email:

A few photos from the exhibition preview event on Friday 17th Sept 2021, which included a fantastic performance of three spoken word pieces created by Emma Rucastle.

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