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  • Ginny Koppenhol

Textile Candy

I reckon 'Textile Candy' is one of the best names for a business I've heard, and Becky's wares are equally as awesome.

I first met Becky through The Growing Club, a business support programme for women that we are both a part of. I loved her colourful style straight away and was excited to learn that she designs and makes all sorts of fabulous things, such as jewellery and headbands, influenced by her trips to Africa. She is a talented artist too and creates her own illustrations, and even designs and paints shop fronts. Becky has her own shop on Alexandra Road in the West End of Morecambe. It's quirky, vibrant and full of personality. In fact, Becky quit her fashion design job in the fast fashion industry to grow her own ethical business. She loves growing community too and has run various workshops and business growth sessions from her shop. That's a lot of achievements in a short space of time!

Becky's values and ethics are in sync with my own and I was thrilled when Becky invited me to help her create the images for her new website. She wanted to show off her fantastic range of headbands and jewellery asking local people to model and choosing bright colours as the backdrops. It was a true collaboration between Becky, the local community and I, and so much fun to be a part of!

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos:

The set up was pretty simple, using the back room of Becky's shop and some coloured paper as the backgrounds. Becky had put a lot of thought into the style she was after, creating Pinterest boards ahead of the shoots. She used her eye for colour to match backdrops with the accessories. With a bit of Photoshop magic in post-processing, we were able to create images that 'pop' and reflect the fun and creative mood of this beautiful brand.

To see Becky's full range (and buy lots of lovely Christmas presents) and read more of her story, head over to her brand spanking new website

PS - check out the questions I answered for Becky as part of her 'Creative Profile' feature on her site - thanks Becky!

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