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  • Ginny Koppenhol

"My customers want to see my products, not me!" something that we'd often like to believe, but these days our customers love to see the people behind the business. Relationships are so crucial these days and being able to trust who you're buying from is invaluable.

And people LOVE stories.

Every time we post 'behind the scenes' photos of our process, our team or where we work, it builds connection.

Social media has made it possible to share every passing thought, every meal and every...well, anything!

So how can you make your story stand out?

I believe that one way, is to invest in professional photographs for your business (but then I would say that!). I am passionate about sharing YOUR story and I ensure that it's a very collaborative process.

Here's a quick rundown of what happens when you book me to create your business photographs.

1. We talk!

We may initially talk on the phone or face to face. You tell me more about your business, why you started and where you're heading (only as much as you want to share of course). We then have a conversation about the sorts of images you'd like to represent your business and how we can best achieve these.

2. We arrange

You may decide that one photo session is enough for your business, or you may think that meeting several times (maybe in several locations) would best capture the range of business activities you engage in.

The price will vary accordingly and I always make sure you know the final fee before we start shooting (ie. there are no hidden surprises).

3. We shoot

I am a predominantly a 'people photographer' (I occasionally take product or environment photos, but it's not my specialism and can recommend others who can do that for you). You may be apprehensive about being the focus of the photos, but all my clients report enjoying their shoots and feeling relaxed. You may decide you want some headshots including and also photos of you working. A range of photos provides you more options for using them later (eg. you may initially use some on your website, but keep some back to use for future blogs or printed promotional materials).

4. I do the rest

Following the shoot I send you an online password-protected gallery. You then choose your favourite images for me to edit. Once the edits are complete (usually within three weeks) I send you another gallery with a download link so you can access your high res and low res images immediately. Simple.


There are two options when it comes to the price and we discuss this at your initial meeting.

If you need a short session and only a few images the session fee is £60 and each image you choose to purchase is £5.

However, if you would like me to eg. attend an event or course and would simply like me to provide all the best images, the set fee of £100 per hour may work better for you.

If you'd like to chat about providing photographs for you and your business, contact me to arrange a phone call or coffee.

PS - I will also be giving out some product photography tips via some Facebook Lives next week. If you're taking your own shots of your products, keep your eyes peeled for those!

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