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  • Ginny Koppenhol

5 Ways to Achieve Awesome Autumn Photos

Autumn is a photographer's dream ... the vibrant colours, natural textures and opportunities for fun family walks and throwing leaves at each other. But you don't have to be a pro to appreciate and capture all these aspects of this sensational season. Here are 5 simple creative ideas to help you capture some gorgeous snaps on any camera ... 1. Play

Before I go into any creative ideas about light and composition, my first tip is to have a play! Let your children (and adults too) have a leaf fight or run races through the leaves, and snap away. You could use the burst mode to capture lots of photos in a short space of time, making is more likely you'll catch the best action moments.

2. Look for contrast

There are so many bright colours around, but look for dark backgrounds and shapes too. This can help to bring out the colours further. Dark skies, pavements, and the branches of a tree can all provide interesting images.

3. Use backlight

There is something extra special about the sunlight coming through the leaves. It lights up the leaf, making the structure much more visible. Early evening light is particularly special. Move around the leaves / tree to experiment with different lighting and see what works best.

4. Focus on the small things

There are many glorious autumnal landscapes to be enjoyed at this time of year, but why not go small and focus on one leaf or branch for example? It gives us a deeper appreciation of nature to really get in close. Allow patterns and beautiful details emerge. This photo was taken using my iPhone when I spotted a lone leaf on the bonnet of a car...

5. Experiment with editing

Adding a bit of contrast or boosting brightness or saturation can really give an image some added depth. Snapseed is one of my favourite editing apps and is really easy to use. I enjoy editing almost as much as taking the photos as it helps to bring out the best in a photo when done well but remember, often less is more when it comes to enhancing your snaps. I boosted contrast and saturation in this image of Rydal Water to make the colours that bit more vivid...

And lastly, don't forget to share your photos

I think that sharing our creations is really important. It offers others the chance to enjoy your particular take on an autumnal scene, maybe giving them a new perspective on it. Your photos don't have to be perfect, and the more we share our photo creations, the more confident we become and we may inspire others to have a go too. And don't forget to post your photos on my pages too. I would love to see them!

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