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Art of the New Frontier

Hi and thank you for your curiosity... the world needs more people like you! 

I'm Ginny Koppenhol, a local photographer and one of the artists involved in this public art project. 

Please click on my image 'The Morecambe Mermaid' AKA (the amazing Bethany) to find out more about why we're doing what we're doing.

Since the article was written in March, many more artists have come on board (pun intended) and there have been lots of behind-the-scenes work carried out to progress discussions. 

Enjoy the art and thank you again for your interest.

* UPDATE (Sept 2021): The land has now been bought by Lancaster City Council. We await their plans, hopefully ones that will benefit the community and various ways, not least improve the look of the site. More info here.



My talented dad, John Ellwood, also has a 'hoardings piece'.

Can you spot it? 

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