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Dogs, Disney & Jelly Beans

I visited User Conversion in October 19, a business optimisation company based in the centre of Manchester. They had headshots and website photos but really wanted a stock of images representing 'office life' to use in social media content and other promotion.

I often use a company's values as a starting point in understanding how they operate. I aimed to capture User Conversion's ethos of being "approachable" and "inquisitive", whilst photographing the team during various typical activities. The fact that they have an office dog, a jelly bean machine and that company owner David Mannheim has a passion for Disney, made the job of creating unique images a lot easier!

At lunch time, the team heard a presentation about dementia by colleague Hazel, which was followed by a fundraising Halloween cake sale. A visiting baby also enabled me to capture social moments between team members.

For the most part I move around quietly, aiming to be unobtrusive so I can capture authentic moments. Inevitably I am spotted at times and at others, a little posing is required for informal team shots.

People are most definitely my preferred photography subject, but showing the work environment and location can also convey a lot about a company.

The team were really happy with the images and immediately uploaded some to their Google Business profile and use them within LinkedIn posts.

A few weeks later, I was whizzing down the country by early-morning train as David had invited me to photograph a presentation that he and Ryan (Optimisation Director) were delivering at ASOS HQ in Camden. It was another fun assignment and interesting to capture a different aspect of their work.

I love seeing different work environments and the meeting the people within them, which is why I offer bespoke commercial and branding photography packages for sole traders, and small to medium sized businesses. I focus on the people within the business, aiming to capture your company's values and ethos through the interactions and daily activities. I also offer headshots and team photos if required. Please contact me for a chat about how professional photography could enhance your business' profile and marketing

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