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        iCann Advocacy           Gratitude Gallery   
January 2022

The Gratitude gallery2-01 copy.png

A phone photography gratitude practice, designed as a mood-boosting creative group activity.
iCann Advocacy provide services across Lancashire. I delivered a condensed version of the Gratitude Gallery for the staff team across two sessions in January.

Janet (iCann Manager) felt that the sessions could provide an excellent team-building opportunity with a mental health focus.

This collection of images shows a range of 'moments of appreciation' created by group members. Some have also chosen a favourite image to tell you more about.

Grandma's Mug

This was something to make me smile. My Grandma bought this mug for her to use. With the design of flowers around it, and being quite fitting with the other flowers, it reminds me that Spring is going to arrive soon! Even though it is cold, I look forward to when it will begin to get a little warmer.


Katie (2).jpg

Cromwell's Bridge

 I cycle and walk a lot and get pleasure from stopping to admire a nice tree or a flowing river, which probably makes me sound weird. Hard to pick a favourite, but, if pushed I’d go for the photo of Cromwell’s Bridge. Fun fact, it was built in 1561 and it is still possible to walk across it nearly 500 years later. It nestles in the Ribble Valley, which is such a lovely part of the world. When I took the photo yesterday, a family were picnicking on it, which is in complete contrast to the day when Oliver Cromwell marched across it with his army. And, it is on the route of one of my favourite walks, known as the Tolkien Trail.


Jim - cromwell's bridge_23.01.22.jpeg


Huge Lego fans here - big project to banish my January blues - will probably take until March to finish.


Janet (2).jpg

Cherry Cake

My favourite one is the one of the cake as I love cooking and baking. I find cooking/baking relaxing and it is my happy place.  It was made for my aunt and uncle as they love this cherry cake that I make, and it was also my uncle’s birthday too.


Julie (3).jpg

The Gratitude Gallery

* Whilst browsing the gallery, click on individual images to view the name of the photographer. Some images also have a description. 

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