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Analogue It!

2020 / 2021

During lockdown, I found a way to collaborate with other artists using 'analogue' means as opposed to the digital tidal wave that we were experiencing in many aspects of our life. Find out more in my blog.

One of the exceptions to the 'analogue only' rule is my collaboration with Anne Bruce (AKA @micromeandering on Instagram - check her work out), an animator I met a few years ago. She chose my image of Woburn forest and made this funky wonder to help promote the 'Analogue It!' project...

Anne said:
" During lockdown I really enjoyed this challenge.
I was able to extend and practice my animation skills from a different angle using the image of trees in a forest to provide a backdrop for some steam punky camera action. It is always satisfying to see the movement and flow develop. There was the added satisfaction in the inclusion of music which seemed to enhance the movement."

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