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5 Highlights of 2019

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

As I sit down in my staff meeting of one to look back on my year and log a few achievements, I realise that I have no team to share them with (yep, you may get out the tiny violins) so I thought I'd create a blog instead.

So here are a few of my 2019 'Best Bits':

1. I held my first ever solo exhibition

This had to come first in my list, not least because it took up a large part of the year!

I met with 16 fabulous humans who had their brightly coloured dyed hair in common. With each person, I created a concept for the image using places in and around Lancaster and Morecambe where possible. Going from 'concept to creation to exhibition' was such a valuable experience and one I definitely want to repeat in 2020. You can now view all the portraits from my Ablaze! exhibition online. A huuuuge thank you to the Morecambe Artist Colony for curating and More Music for hosting!

2. I got to work with the cutest puppies

I am not usually a pet photographer nor a massive dog person if I'm honest but oh my, these 6-week old double-doodle pups were so unbelievably gorgeous. Their breeder Barbara wanted to capture photos of them before they left for their new homes. I was nibbled to death but it was an awesome start to the year. You can see more of my photos on Barbara's website.

3. Leaving My Comfort Zone

This year I have focused on developing the business branding photography side of my work. I have worked with some exciting start ups and some established companies to create images that show off and celebrate what they offer. I am inspired by all of them in different ways and have learnt so much from each. One job that challenged me more than others (in a good way) was with Becky from Textile Candy. Her handmade jewellery is stunning and when she asked me to help her to create some product photographs involving models, I of course agreed, but was nervous. It was out of my comfort zone and wasn't 100% sure I could deliver. But I needn't have worried as we worked so well together and the models were utter delights to work with (all being local people with little or no modelling experience).

4. Being recommended by another photographer

This year I had quite a few photo sessions with families who had heard about me through Molly Matcham, a superb photographer based in Cumbria. When Molly couldn't offer her services, she would recommend me which came as a lovely surprise and a huge compliment! So I got to work with families getting together in the Lake District for reunions or to celebrate special occasions. It was so much fun and gave me reasons to drive up my favourite road in the country, the A591 (if you've never driven it, you really must).

I have also just taken the plunge and had a business branding shoot with Molly, to create images for my own promotion, and I am so glad I did!

5. My most 'full on' day since I started my business

This is a recent highlight to end on; my most hectic day since I started 'Ginny Koppenhol Photography'. At 7am I jumped on a train to London to meet David and Ryan from User Conversion, at ASOS HQ in Camden to photograph their presentation (I should have been on the 6.30am train but my phone battery decided to die, so my alarm didn't go off and it's only because my daughter awoke earlier than usual that I made it at all!). Despite the stressful start, it was exciting whizzing down to London for this two-hour session, and shooting back up the country to a school fair to meet 11 families for a series of ten-minute photo sessions. I was exhausted, but in a very satisfied way.

Here's to 2020 and hoping you have an awesome year ahead!

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