Sept / Oct 2019

My first solo photography exhibition was hosted by the Morecambe Artist Colony at More Music in Morecambe. I created a series of portraits especially for this exhibition, featuring local people with one thing in common....their brightly coloured hair! 


It ran for six weeks from September to November 2019. 

The launch took place on Friday 13th Sept 2019 at More Music, Morecambe. Check out the blog I wrote after the event.

Here is the full portrait series. Click on the images to see quotes from each person;

I felt powerful having my vibrant red hair because as a fashion student I really like to be bold in my style. We wear our hair every day, so I want it to look as interesting as the way I dress. After going red, I carried on my journey of trying different colours and was baby pink until it all went wrong. Then I cut off most of my hair and dyed it black.

Photo location: Williamson Park, Lancaster
Even now that bright hair is more common, whenever I go anywhere people make comments. I get the same questions all the time, but I don't mind as people are mostly nice. I went to New York a few years ago and Americans seem to be more willing to speak to strangers than us Brits. I decided to count how many comments I got in Times Square one night and 25 people commented in only 30 minutes!

Photo location: Rydal, The Lake District
I have an instinct and just go with my gut when putting colours together. I shy away from what is supposed to suit redheads. I am the magpie of the colour world.

Photo location: Dallas Road, Lancaster
Having coloured hair makes me feel like myself and I love getting to choose how I look and customise my appearance. I also like challenging people's perceptions of me because of my image. I'm influenced by the punk scene and rebellion against the norm, standing out and doing what makes you happy is super important to me. It's also a good conversation starter to so that helps!

Photo location: Woods near Arkholme
Children will sometimes comment on my hair and the adults they’re with will tell them to be quiet, because they think it’s rude to talk about people. I’ll often say to them “if I am going to sit here on a bus with bright blue hair, I expect to get some attention! Haha” and encourage the kids to ask questions.

Photo location: Morecambe Bus Station, against mural painted by Becky from Textile Candy in association with young people from The Prince’s Trust
My friend Sue dyes my hair and I love changing the colour. I’ve even had baby pink and UV (glow in the dark) hair! I work in a bakery so I have to wear a hair net for work. So sadly, the customers don’t get to see all the changes.

Photo location: Morecambe Bus Station, against mural painted by Becky from Textile Candy in association with young people from The Prince’s Trust
I've coloured my hair since I was 14. I love colour and it makes me happy. There is a real link to happiness, self-esteem and colour. As a Psychotherapist it's important to find ways to help clients access joy. It also promotes authenticity. I am me and no one else - pink hair and all!

Photo location: Emma’s home
I have always been a tomboy but found my inner girl when I left the army 20 years ago. Suddenly everything went pink, including my kitchen and my hair. This is the most pink it’s been however. I am now a beautician, so quite a change all round.

Photo location: Heysham Battery
I started dying my hair when I was young and into punk music. Then I got married and started being ‘sensible’. But around 4 years ago I was going to a work’s Christmas party and instead of wearing a festive jumper, I decided to dye my hair red. I have continued ever since, mainly for the old ladies. I work in a local shop and they love coming in and seeing what colour it is!

Photo location: Ashton Memorial, Lancaster
Naturally soft, straight hair led me on a lifetime search for texture… and interesting colours. When I saw a girl at a festival with “hair like catkins” I instantly fell in love with dreadlocks. From 4 inches long to waist length, mine are 18 years old now. Got to say a big thank you to Craig (and Zoe) for all the years spent colouring them! I truly love my magical unicorn hair.

Photo location: Sue’s home
I bleach my hair at home although when I do, my rabbits go thumping around the house. I think the ammonia smell makes them think there are other rabbits around! I record promo videos for work every 6 weeks and I try to have a new colour each time (although it’s really just an excuse to keep changing).

Photo location: Photographer’s living room
Natalie, Lauren and Layla
I think that brightly coloured hair is becoming more accepted in society, especially in the workplace. We even have teachers coming into the salon, adding bright colours. I think it’s old fashioned to be put off by this when you meet someone. Layla
Hair colour doesn't make the PERSON it accentuates the PERSONALITY! Natalie

Photo location: The Dome site, Morecambe
I spend all day in my yarn shop in Lancaster (Ethel & Em) surrounded by so many amazing colours of wool. I showed some pictures to my hair lady and asked her for some yarn hair this time! She nailed it. I've also had unicorn and mermaid hair before - but yarn hair is my new fave. I especially love colour combos that others don’t think go well together.

Photo location: Ethel & Em - King Street, Lancaster
I just love colour. When I returned to brown, I just didn’t feel like ‘me’. I have had all different hair colours but I am a ‘natural blue’. Blue is like a comfortable pair of old slippers. Some colours make me smell certain things. Blue is coconuts. I am fascinated by synaesthesia.

Photo location: Morecambe beach
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