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  • Ginny Koppenhol

I don't want to admit this but...

....I have NEVER used a sewing machine! I mean, not even once.

I could have learnt. I had plenty of opportunities in school and through watching my mum, but I guess I was always busy with my other creative pursuits.

I am starting to regret it as the requests for fancy dress costumes start coming in now that my daughter's at school.

But I am somewhat reassured that others have these skills, my mother-in-law being one, and the many wonderful designers and makers I have met over the last few months in my role as 'Slow Fashion Event: Official Photographer'. Sounds ace doesn't it? And it is!

We are planning a fantastic Slow Fashion Event on Saturday 20th October at Lancaster Town Hall to showcase the vast array of wonderful makers, designers, image consultants and second-hand and vintage shop owners we have in our local area! In the afternoon, the venue will be full of stall and workshops (perfect for some early Christmas gifts or presents for yourself) and it's only a 50p entrance fee. The evening is a ticket only catwalk event (£15) - prosecco included! It'll be an amazing experience, not least because those modelling are people from the local community who have never done anything like this before but have been trained by the fabulous Jenifer Ryder. I can't wait.

But there is also an important message that woven into the fabric of the event (pun intended) fashion is not our friend. Garments that are mass produced, often hold dirty secrets and can have a devastating impact on the people who make them and the wider environment. We can make better choices as consumers. It's a cliché, but the power is in our hands. Buying clothes made with love, or those that are pre-loved, is kinder all round. These pieces are often unique too which makes them all the more special.

So here are some of the photos I have taken over the last few months and now I am ready for the main event...

1. Makers and designers at work, including Gabriella Bavone who is one of the driving forces behind the event.

2. Some of the inspirational people who will be sharing their work and knowledge!

3. Models in training




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