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Health & Wellbeing College
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June / July 2022

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A phone photography gratitude practice, designed as a mood-boosting creative group activity, during these challenging times.
The Health and Wellbeing College is a fantastic service as part of the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Taken from their website, this describes the aim of the college: 

The college aims to provide something very different for local people. We have moved away from the clinical focus offered by many traditional support services; instead we offer an educational approach designed to empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing, while learning new skills, making friends and connecting with others. Our recovery-focused courses can support you to recognise your potential and make the most of your talents and resources, through self-management. 

Katie and George from the college, felt that the Gratitude Gallery would be an excellent addition to their programme for those who wanted to learn phone photography skills and develop a gratitude practice in the process.

Over 4 weekly in-person sessions (and the days in between), participants used their new photography skills to create daily photos of aspects of their life that they're grateful for.

This collection of images is the culmination of our time together and represents the vast array of these moments of appreciation, experienced and captured. A few participants have also provided a favourite 'feature' image. 


I see this post box on my walk home from the college each day - it's a familar sight. I love the bold colour. It took on a new significance during the Queen's Jubilee celebrations too. 


Familiarity - Jean.jpg

Mr Toad

My kids had been poorly and it was the first walk we'd been on for a while. We walked along the canal and met this character. It was a nice moment. 


Mr Toad - Suzanne.jpg


I really enjoyed the macro photography part of the course. I took this close up photo of the Russian Doll and discovered it looks quite like frogspawn!

It captured my attention. 


Jewel - Simon.jpg


I took this photo in York, close to The Shambles. 

I like the difference in textures. Initially I just took a photo of the cobbles, but then I walked a bit further and spotted the man hole cover, which created a point of interest. 



The Gratitude Gallery

* Whilst browsing the gallery, click on individual images to view the photo titles and name of the photographer.

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