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Dried Flowers Shoot

A few weeks ago I met with Sophie and her mum Becky. I went to High School with Becky, and through the power of Instagram we reconnected. I asked Becky if her daughter might be interested in being my subject for some photos I had in mind, using dried flowers. She immediately said she would! The dried flowers idea came from a Facebook post I saw by Sam Clark of Free Range Floristry. Sam, as part of her range, creates stunning handmade hair pieces. It sparked an idea to theme a shoot around her flowers and gorgeous creations. Thankfully Sam was up for a collaboration!

I challenged myself to create as many different images as I could within a one-hour photo shoot. I don't have a studio, so created a makeshift space at home using my white backdrop and plenty of natural light. However, I also needed a dark space for some images using projected photos, so for these we blocked out any light to my utility room.

I started with some simple shots of the hair pieces and the beautiful flower crown that Sam loaned to me for the shoot;

I then took a side on profile photography with the intention of creating a double-exposure in Photoshop, using some images of loose dried flowers I had taken when I visited Sam.

With some imagination and Photoshop magic, these photos....

became this, entitled 'Returning Spring' and now forms part of my 'Seasons' portrait series;

I also received some rather ace photography prisms for my birthday recently and was keen to have a play.

These were the results;

Lastly, after seeing some images on Pinterest created using projected images, I was keen to have a go myself and love the outcome!

It's important and timely to point out that these were all created at home. Whilst you may not have access to projectors or photography prism kits, there are lots of items you can use as prisms, and there are lots of ace effects that can be achieved using free editing software.

Very soon I will be offering a month-long series of online photo challenges that will teach you some tips and tricks using whatever equipment and camera gear you have to hand (including smart phones). Do let me know if you'd like to be notified when this starts.

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