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The Other Side

'Hello' from the other side.

For a lot of Monday, this was my view...

I booked a business branding session with the amazing Molly Matcham. I realised that whilst I tell everyone how important it is to have some top quality images of yourself and your business to start building client connection, I had never actually taken the plunge and organised my own branding photos. It's been my guilty secret, but I am a hypocrite no more! haha

I came across Molly, who's based near Carlisle, a few years ago. Some friends proudly displayed their gorgeous family photos by Molly, on their Facebook page. I was immediately drawn to her style and the fact that she only shoots in film added another interesting layer. After having our own family session with Molly a couple of years later, I decided that one day I would arrange a shoot for my business. And another two years later, I have.

I got to experience what my clients feel ahead of a shoot. Molly was so helpful, and discussed all the plans and options with me, but there is still a lot to decide for myself. Where should we meet? What sort of tasks do I do in my business day that Molly could capture, without it looking 'set up'? What should I wear? Do I glam up a bit or just rock up like I might for a family photo session in the park? I opted for half way between.

As well as the normal pre-shoot nerves, I suddenly became aware of the unusually large amount of attention that would be on me during the session, and then also a strange feeling of 'coming across a bit vain' when it came to me imaging myself sharing the photos on social media and my website. I didn't anticipate that part. I mean, I'm used to doing videos online and posting photos of me going about my day, but this was another level. It felt a little self-indulgent for a brief moment. But I quickly reminded myself that the purpose of this is not to simply post photos of myself and say 'ooh, look at me', it's for a purpose. The images will make it a lot easier for clients to start making that professional relationship with me, before they have even sent an enquiry email. This is so important as a photographer.

I chose Lancaster as the location, mainly because I was born there and went to school in the city too. But I'd heard about the recent castle renovations and awesome new Atkinson's café and wanted to check it out. It was the ideal location. As well as some headshots and 'me working on my laptop' shots, we could use the beautiful stone walls as further backdrops. We then went up to the priory for some greenery and then down Dallas Road to my favourite coloured garage doors. She shot me doing a Facebook Live video, chatting to clients on the phone, location scouting, taking photos and tons more. Obviously conveying character and personality is really what it's all about, and have no doubt that she's done that too.

I then offered to take some photos of Molly. What sort of portrait photographer would I have been had I not?

Despite my initial nerves, the shoot was tons of fun and Molly is amazing at making people feel at ease and giving direction when required. It was actually awesome to have some time to focus purely on me and my business with no other distractions, knowing that the process would lead to a greater professional look to my online places and hopefully generate more work in the long run. I even arranged a hair and make up appointment with Deborah Ann Beauty in Morecambe.

As we finished the session, I caught sight of how many rolls of film Molly used! I can't wait to see the final images.

Get ready for some serious spamming.

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