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  • Ginny Koppenhol

Be More Wolf!

Brother Wolf is open for business and I am so excited about it! Not least because I want to buy some of their gorgeous nature-inspired T-shirts for Christmas gifts.

I have been working with Feleena (Brother Wolf's founder) for the last few months, to create images that represent their brand. I aimed to capture their respect for the natural environment, their love of our beautiful Morecambe Bay and surrounding area, and their desire to build community, in particular through local dementia-friendly walks and environmental education with local schools.

We developed ideas for several shoots involving local children enjoying the local outdoors. One of the concepts that underpins their work is that of 'rewilding the child' - supporting children to get back into nature and to enjoy, appreciate and understand it. I love this sort of commercial photography, because I take mostly the same approach in these shoots, as I would in a family photography session.

The main shoots took place at Warton Crag and Hyning Scout wood in North Lancashire - two utterly gorgeous spots. The images created, are vibrant, lively and show the genuine activity happening on the days. However, I of course had to be mindful the choose the photos that best showed off the T-shirts during my final edit! The T-shirts have been designed in collaboration with some amazing artists. They are also hand screen printed which is fascinating to watch on Helen's Instagram.

I also got to see a little of their work first-hand as I met them at the start of one of their after-school walks.

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