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2 Weeks. 5 Musings.

I'm a bit of a reflector.

I love to squeeze every bit of learning out of a situation and am known to write the odd list or 10 after doing anything new.

So I thought that I would share some of these with you. It also gives me a chance to shout out some other fabulous businesses and organisations.

5 things I've learnt in the past 2 weeks:

1. That being the official gig photographer allows you to legitamitely be up close to your favourite DJs and is very fun indeed, but you can't quite replace the feeling of finding a blag that works to get yourself behind the decks / in a VIP area so you can have a nosy behind the scenes, get a selfie or shake the DJ's hand haha.

James Zabiela at Kanteena for Doin' It After Dark

2. I really miss being part of a team. I've always known this, but hanging out with the very lovely group of women from The Eventus Recruitment Group in Lancaster for their photo shoot, reminded me of that even more.

3. Carringtons Coffee Co. is the perfect place to end up after a soggy (but satisfying) Walkflow netwalking session. Their coffee and welcome is superb. Check out the upcoming events.

4. A Kurdish song about daisies during a walking smartphone photography session with a group who are refugees and asylum seekers (organised by the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust). The song centred on their beauty and their promise of the warmer and hopeful days ahead. I thought this was so lovely, especially as we so often overlook these flowers as they are so common.

5. That a drop-in model for my smartphone workshops works quite well after all. I had always thought it wouldn't, but when you place yourself on the side of a canal on a floating venue in Burnley for two days, there is really no other way to work. It was a lot of fun, and like anything community based like this, the conversations that result are often the most important outcome. Thanks to Super Slow Way for commissioning me for these two days as part of a wider programme of creative activities. Also, I have only just stopped feeling like I am on board a boat!

* All photos shared with permission.

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