My DJing CV / Profile / Best Bits etc.

(I struggled with the title, can you tell?)

As well as photography, DJing is a creative passion of mine. 

A bit of background

I came to DJing late compared to most. I have loved house music as long as I can remember, but sadly my mates didn't. So I went through school frequenting the local mainstream nightclubs and bars around Lancaster, which made me even more desperate to explore what the dance scene had to offer. I visited Ibiza when I was 23, saw Lisa Lashes play and immediately decided I was going to learn to DJ. Hard house wasn't my really thing but she definitely inspired me that night. I got back home, bought the cheapest set of belt-drive decks I could find and taught myself to DJ using books and YouTube. I then sought out local club events and started chatting to as many people as I could to find out what was going on and where. These connections led to my first gigs, which led to an awesome few years (from 2009 - 2013) DJing whenever I could, around a full-time NHS career! When I had my daughter in 2014, I decided that was it. I sold my decks and went through a bit of a grieving process (sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true). I had definitely given up on the idea of DJing again, based on some notions that I was too old, didn't have the time etc. 

But then I changed my mind. 

This year I decided to 'un-write myself off' (is that a thing)? I hired some decks, made a new mix and am looking forward to getting out again and sharing some tunes with like-minded music-loving folk. 

A few highlights so far...

* Becoming Skiddle's resident DJ for a few years after winning a competition in 2010 after playing at The Wickerman Festival

* Returning to The Wickerman Festival in 2012 to warm up for Steve Lawler in the Skiddle tent

* DJing at The Warehouse Project in 2010

* Producing a track that was played by Danny Rampling in Ibiza, whilst I was in the club

* Warming up for James Lavelle at a gig in a library

* Playing my first outdoor (not illegal, but not entirely legal) party at a location that will remain undisclosed ;) 

* Putting on events with Josh Parkinson (Stylus) in Lancaster, my home city and inviting Bondax to play for us

* DJing in a dungeon at Featherstone Castle, on an inflatable stage at Kendal Calling, and in a picture frame at Beatherder! 

* Interviewing Graeme Park for an online radio station and having my own online radio show for nearly 3 years name a few. 


I love house in all its forms. I am drawn to tech-house beats predominantly, and am a sucker for anything with ravey vibes and acid house influences. But I pride myself in being able to craft awesome warm-up sets too, reading the crowd and always having one foot on the dancefloor. So I can go more downtempo, melodic, or minimal too.

Ginny Koppenhol - Indian Winter (Deepfunk Remix)

Solfest, 2011

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