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October 2022

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A phone photography gratitude practice, designed as a mood-boosting creative group activity, during these challenging times.
The Health and Wellbeing College is a fantastic service as part of the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Taken from their website, this describes the aim of the college: 

The college aims to provide something very different for local people. We have moved away from the clinical focus offered by many traditional support services; instead we offer an educational approach designed to empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing, while learning new skills, making friends and connecting with others. Our recovery-focused courses can support you to recognise your potential and make the most of your talents and resources, through self-management. 

Katie and George from the college, felt that the Gratitude Gallery would be an excellent addition to their programme for those who wanted to learn phone photography skills and develop a gratitude practice in the process.

Over 4 weekly in-person sessions (and the days in between), participants used their new photography skills to create daily photos of aspects of their life that they're grateful for.

This collection of images is the culmination of our time together and represents the vast array of these moments of appreciation, experienced and captured. A few participants have also provided a favourite 'feature' image. 


I took this photo on my recent trip to Canada. They have such long, spacious roads, and I found them very peaceful to walk down. 



This is me and my sister with our manager at our first ever job. We washed pots at a football ground (before covid hit). I was so nervous at first and nearly didn't go for my first day, but I took it step my step. I thought' I just have to get my work clothes on. Then I thought, I just have to turn up...' I managed several hours, with the support of my manager, and worked there for two years! 



A surprise trip to Wales for Mum booked by me and my sister. 

It was still very quiet as things were slowly opening after the pandemic. It was lovely and peaceful.

(As told by Charley). 



I love sitting in my back garden at night, looking at the moon. It's very peaceful. There's a barn owl from a nearby farm that often makes an appearance. 

I like the colours in this photo. 



I love feeling warm and cosy especially in autumn, and candles help to create that mood. I edited the photo to give it extra warmth. 


Coffee & Cake 

When I am feeling down, I find that coffee and cake with a friend always makes me feel better. I wanted to create a picture that represents this. 


Charity Work 

My sister Sarah wanted to do something to help the homeless people in our area and had the idea to give out food. She mentioned it to our local pub manager and also the college manager. Normally she does everything with me, but this was something she did herself. She still does it now. Through talking to the people who use the service, we've both learnt not to judge others and their situation. 

(As told by Charley). 



I have taken photos of three elephants that my 14 year old son carried back ever so carefully on the plane back from the South of France and they were my birthday present for my "50th" which I had a very small celebration for a few weeks ago - so these are very special to me as the thought that went into getting these and him holding them all the way back on the plane to make sure they were kept safe.



My friend is a teacher and she showed me a letter she'd received from a pupil. I think it describes her perfectly! 


The Gratitude Gallery

* Whilst browsing the gallery, click on individual images to view the photo titles and name of the photographer.

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