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Location, Location, Location

So you've booked (or plan to book) a family photo session. Where would you like it, is often the next thought? Here are a few super useful tips, even if I do say so myself.

It's usually best to keep things simple. Where do you like to go on family days out? Going somewhere you know and love will add meaning to your photographs and help everyone to feel relaxed during the session! Once you have come up with a couple of ideas, have a think about the next four questions...

Unfortunately I can't usually rearrange photo sessions due to changes in our unpredictable British weather, so I always ask families to a. consider this when dressing for the session and b. think about an alternative plan. Is there a nice café nearby where we could take shelter or even get some photos? Is it close to your home?

This is slightly less important to me as my focus is always on capturing the relationships, interactions and characters of the family members. However having a few different backgrounds can add interest to the photos, give information about your location if that's important to you, and offer options depending on the weather. Consider the season too, eg. if it's October, is there somewhere that particularly shows off the autumnal colours?

I can certainly Photoshop the odd person out of the background of a photo, but choosing somewhere with quiet spots will mean that you're not inviting lots of strangers into your family photos!

I don't mind paying an entrance fee to somewhere within reason, but consider whether it will add a large extra expense to your day. If you'd rather not have to pay, there are always plenty of free places. I also have a National Trust membership, so if you do too, this could be another option. Also if you're planning to go indoors somewhere, do you need to check if we have permission to take photographs? Most places don't mind at all but it's often good to mention our shoot to them out of courtesy.

If you'd like to have a chat about a photo session for you and your family, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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