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A Photographer? Quitting Social Media?

Yep it may seem strange, especially when a photographer's promo relies on the visual element. Social media is made for that sort of thing right?

Maybe so, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm simply not made for social media. It not a space in which I like to hang out any more.

In the early days of my business, I automatically signed up to the 'key three' (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) assuming that this was where I needed to be to share my work and 'get clients'. I didn't hang about on Twitter for long, preferring to use Facebook and Insta. But I soon found that consistently posting valuable and entertaining content on two platforms is exhausting, and mega distracting! So many times in the last 12 months I have felt overwhelmed, not just by social media of course, but by loads of things. Social media has definitely added to it though.

Whenever I am thinking about making a big change in my business, I get a pile of paper, a some sharpies and make lists - loads of them! I wrote down the reasons for leaving social media, what I might gain by 'deactivating', the positives of socials, and alternative marketing strategies.

It confirmed that for me, there are way more positives to leaving than there are negatives.

Of course there are benefits of social media, but now the balance has tipped towards leaving, that's what I need to do.

It comes down to three main things:

* Focus

* Time

* Energy

Where I put my focus, dictates how I use my time and energy. At the moment, the socials have got a lot of my focus. I would rather focus on my creative projects, being strategic in business, developing meaningful relationships with clients and other creatives, and making space for a calmer mind and better quality family time.

After doing a fair bit of research this last year, I have ideas about how to provide value through my work outside of socials. More face to face conversations, reconsidering the value of printed materials (retro I know), and using email and my website in more helpful ways are amongst my new plans. I even have plans for hosting my own events for other creatives further down the line.

Like most things when it comes to life and business changes, this is an experiment. I certainly hope that it's a permanent change but there is no way I can say that with certainty until I have tried it, and it's definitely not right for everyone. Some businesses really benefit from social media and some people are super disciplined when it comes to their use of these platforms. Sadly I am not one of those people.

Of course there are lots of things I will miss, but I hope that by cultivating a more chilled mind, I'll be a better photographer and provide even more value for my clients and collaborators.

If you have arrived here because you were looking for me on social media, please think about joining my mailing list instead (for monthly updates on courses, mini-shoots etc.) and of course contact me directly too to have a chat about what you need. I'd love to have a chat on the phone or over a real-life coffee :)

Lots of people have asked that I update them with how I get on in my 'post-socials world', so I will keep you updated via my blogs. All that said, I will still be hanging out on Linked In as it doesn't distract me in the same way as the others, so if you're on there, say hello!

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